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The Love Bug

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To clarify... [Jan. 17th, 2002|01:14 pm]
The Love Bug
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

A certain person, who shall continue to remain nameless, has been causing a bit of a stir in one of the LJ_* communities. As a result, the maintenance of that community was taken away from them and given to someone else. I was one of the people to question said person about their reaction to what happened, and I got my comments deleted... after they had given a rather rude response.

Not to be deterred by such an action, I decided to post a friendly comment on their personal journal... actually supporting something they said. The comment was almost immediately deleted.

Now, whilst that doesn't bother me too much, I was somewhat amazed by the childishness of their reaction.

So, my apologies to those who had no bloody clue what I was on about! :-))

Oh, and tassy... welcome into my head :-)

[User Picture]From: girliebomb
2002-01-17 05:41 am (UTC)
*puts hand up*

I know I know....LOL

and i agree, PETTY is a word I would use....and I think I did before LOL

OOOh OOH OOH and childish!
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[User Picture]From: tassy
2002-01-17 03:18 pm (UTC)
Herroo! =)

What a nice welcome. *sits back and enjoys the view from inside your head* ;)
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