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Morning :-)

Good morning everyone :-)

I'm in an oddly happy mood this morning. I say "oddly" because Caroline and I slept in seperate houses last night! LOL

My gorgeous wife has taken the week off, and is spending the entire week (with my wonderful mother-in-law and Toby the dog) in the new house, decorating and making good.

I have to make three phone calls today.
  1. Allied Carpets - to arrange delivery of the new bed

    Update: Sorted. Delivery date confirmed :-)

  2. Chris the Plasterer - to arrange payment and to discuss the possibility of replastering a wall which, when recently plastered, decided to bow rather severely. The wall wasn't straight in the first place, but the moisture of the plastering has warped it somewhat :-\

    Update: Waiting for him to call back</b>

  3. Binatone Telecom - Our (soon-to-be-former) flatmate bought us a fantastic Binatone Eurotel 3200 DECT phone. The idea was to get additional handsets for it, so we don't have to plumb telephone lines all over the house. The moment this phone was bought, Argos (and every other retailer in the UK) stopped stocking it, so I need to call Binatone to enquire the availability of additional handsets. Also, the instructions that came with it were for the 3100... so I've had to guess how to use the answerphone facility! LOL

    Update: Sorted. Two handsets and a set of instructions on their way to us! :-)

  4. EasyNet - confirm requirements for DSL.

    Update: Sorted. just gotta return the form and DD mandate :-)

Hopefully, our central heating will be plumbed in properly today. It was going to be done on Saturday, but when Mick, our central heating guru, went to test the gas supply, the test nipple (oo-er) sheared off in the gas meter. So we've had no gas for two days :-(

This weekend, we've done a fair amount of work. I've replaced electrical sockets and light switches downstairs, as well as relocating and installing a new pair of double sockets in the kitchen (for the central heating, funnily enough!) I also installed a new illuminated bellpush. The old one (which was rather crappy) had to be removed when the double glazing was installed.

Caroline and her parents cleaned all the floors and windows, broke a wardrobe to pieces. Caroline also cleaned the bathroom (get used to it, love! <g>).

We bought a new outside light today, and a very sexy one it is too! At night, the light automatically switches itself on, but only a warm glow comes from the globe. Then, if someone walks up to the door, it goes up to full brightness for a predetermined amount of time, before going back to that glow. We thought it was well cool, and I'll have to install it very soon :-)

But before I can install the outside light, I'm going to have to get rid of the porch at the front door.

Anyway, I'm going to be taking some more pictures of the house today, as a few things have changed since the last update.

Keep an eye out at for more updates!

Also, any new house-related postings will be on our new(ish) housejournal, moobug. So you may want to befriend it. This journal will also be incorporated into very soon. The website sucks at the moment... I intend to change that verrrry soon :-)

Anyway, enough waffling from me... I trust everyone is having a good day? :-)
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