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Have you noticed that when someone else gets involved in something that they should not get involved in, everything goes pear-shaped?

Like when someone puts our backup job on hold instead of rescheduling it?

At 00:01, our backup job kicks in.
Shuts down the Oracle database.
Waits 10 minutes.
Performs the backup.
Reboots the server, which restarts the Oracle database.

What happened
A large job had to run overnight, so to prevent the database shutting down, someone put the backup job on hold. This morning, one of my team released that job. The backup software thought, oops, that backup didn't run last night... I'd better do it now!

This was about half an hour ago.
I wasn't happy.

What should have happened
The backup job should have been rescheduled for the next time it was supposed to run.

It's worth mentioning that all of my team know the correct way of doing this.
The person that put the job on hold is not in my team, and should NOT have touched the server.

Enough said.
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