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The End of an Earhole....

About 30 minutes ago, I surrendered the keys to the flat. The next time that we enter that place, it'll be as visitors rather than residents. It's a weird feeling, to be honest... I'd lived there for just under 4 years.

Oh well, at least it's 2 less keys that I have to carry around!! LOL

Anyway, we have our house now... and it is our house, not a shared accommodation. A BIG difference.

Both Caroline and I are totally shattered. Unfortunately, Caroline has taken a bit badly to the dust and exertion, bless her. :-(

We both need sleep... lots of it... I've got work tomorrow, but I'd be surprised if Caroline wixx be going in.

We are net-less at the moment, until I set up the PCs... albeit on a paid dialup! :-/

Hey ho... g'nite! ;o)
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