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The Love Bug

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Work..... ARGH!!!! [Jun. 2nd, 2000|02:20 pm]
The Love Bug
It's Friday afternoon, and I don't really wanna be here, but it's what I'm paid for, so ho hum! In about 3 hours, I'm going to Stevenage to pick Moo up from the railway station.

So, what are we up to this weekend? Well, tonight we're gonna get some food - just don't know where from! Tomorrow, a nice warm lie-in, and then to Watford in the afternoon to meet up with Simone - a young lady I had the fortune to meet up with about 2 years ago. We kinda lost contact, but we managed to find each other again (thru my ex, ironically!). So we're likely to spend the whole afternoon and most of the evening in Watford. Then on Sunday, after church, my flatmate Jeff will be doing dinner for us and then I'll take Moo back to the station on Sunday evening.

Quite a quiet weekend compared to normal! <g>

Anyway, I should be doing some work, so catch ya later! :-)

Thought: The phrase, "out of sight, out of mind" certainly is true. You don't always appreciate how much you miss someone until you speak to them again after a long break. I have 4 people that I would refer to as "close friends"... Caroline (my fiance), my mother (how many people can say that?), Steph and Simone. That may not seem like many, but their value to me is beyond measure.