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General observations

  • If you're going to enable comments on your posts, then you have to understand that people are going to make replies that may not agree with your particular opinion.

  • If you rise to a negative comment left in you're journal, you're only going to get yet another negative comment back... then it'll snowball. Just drop it.

  • Don't expect people to reply to your posts. More importantly, don't get upset if people don't reply to your posts. If you want a conversation, try ICQ/MSN/AIM/etc.

  • If you ask a specific question in one of your posts and you don't like the answer you get, tough! You asked the question, answers are diverse. If you don't want the answer, don't ask the question.

  • "Timeout rendering page." IS annoying!! :o)
If anyone thinks I'm talking about them specifically, then you're wrong.
I'm talking in general.
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