The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug


I'm still at work.... just finished the 2,500 print job I had to do, and I'm killing time before I go to housegroup this evening. I have another 6,500 page print job to do tomorrow night too!! ARGH!! ;-)

I tried to contact the techy bloke at my hosting company yesterday to find out a few things, and to get a couple more domains registered, but he's gone away on holiday!! *And* he's not done our virtual server yet either!! I'm gonna kill 'im!!

I'm not really a violent person, honest! :-)

I've also got to get my car booked in for a service and MOT before my tax disc runs out at the end of July! :-\

I also need to call Frank, who I'm doing web design for. I need to do a lot of things! <g>

Busy weekend coming up too! Up to Moo's on Friday night, more filming with Fran and Emily on Saturday, along with a hair cut and buying some new shoes, and then hopefully a nice peaceful day on Sunday! :-)

Next week is gonna be a busy one too, but I ain't gonna go into that now!

Cya later!
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