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Bank Holidays 'R' Us!

Well, I suppose I ought to update from the Bank Holiday weekend.
I was also working during the weekend, but I refuse to post about that! :-D

Caroline has been up at her parents this weekend as I was working, so I had a nice lie in on Saturday morning. Well, actually I didn't, as I asked Caroline to wake me up at 10:00.

Two main things to do today... the first was to kick off a job for wo... oh. I said I wasn't going to mention that! The second was to make arrangements to pick up a load of kit for May Day.

For the past 9 years, I have been involved in providing a PA for the May Day fete at Winkfield Row. For the last 4 of those years, I've been doing the whole setup myself, or with help.

Today was the day that I picked up the kit from a couple of places. If I had trouble lugging the kit from the hire place to the car, then I have real pity for my car!! LOL The poor thing must've dropped at least 3 inches to the floor once it was fully loaded! Bless it! :-)

Yay, Moo comes home :-)

I was going to go into London to meet her at St Pancras, but after I'd been reminded that Paddington station was closed today, and I couldn't find an alternative route with acceptable connections, Caroline's dad suggested that we all meet half way... at Warwick Services on the M40. So I went bombing up to Warwick, and got there in good time, but only about 10 minutes before Caroline and her parents arrived.

I love driving, me!

May Day!

The May Day went almost like clockwork... I say almost, 'cos there was a small disagreement over a radio mike. The mike that I had was designed for operation over at least 100 metres. Unfortunately, it started crackling and popping after only 30. An AV professional (I'm no professional, but I'm a damn good amateur!) said that the mike was crap, and that he could provide quality equipment for future May Days. I wasn't happy about that, because I knew that the mike was a good quality microphone. I spoke to my hire people and they said the problems we most likely interferance from another piece of equipment operating on the same frequency nearby. This also explained why, when I switched the mike off, the receiver was picking up something else, which unfortunately deafened a few people! <chuckle>

Anyway, it wasn't too bad after all that... but I have fallen in love with a mixing desk! The Soundcraft Spirit Folio Rac Pac :-) Unfortunately, it appears as though they're not current models any more :-(

Anyway, in the evening we went to Fatty Arbuckles in Stevenage with a couple of very good friends. It was a very good evening, with good chuckles all round. Much fun-ness! :-)

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