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The Love Bug

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[May. 14th, 2002|03:24 pm]
The Love Bug
I've just put my mobile in to have the firmware upgraded.

Hopefully, in an hour and a half, my humble Ericsson T68 will become a supercharged Sony Ericsson T68i... but without the cheap looking T68i case!

Basically, when the T68 was released, it was supposed to have MMS (multimedia messaging service), but it wasn't included in the release. Because trades descriptions prevail, they had to release some kind of upgrade with MMS functionality. Also, because the T68i was released soon after many T68s had been purchased, they're preempting the uproar by allowing T68 users to convert their existing phones to T68i free of charge!

Woohoo! :-)

[User Picture]From: crazybee
2002-05-14 07:51 am (UTC)
sexy looking phone that.

You know if its possible to get it on the One2One network (Now known as T-Mobile ?
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