The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug


I've finally managed to upgrade my phone to the SonyEricsson T68i. It's still the old T68 casing and hardware (which is nicer than the T68i anyway), but the functionality of the T68i is there :-)

The main thing I like about this phone is that you can add ringtones, background images, phonebook entries until the phone runs out of memory... you're not limited to only 10 of these, and 20 of that!! :-) And the phone memory is about a megabyte!

I like the way that you can allocate a photo/picture to any or all of your contacts, so that when they phone you, their picture comes up on the screen!!

The ringtone composer rocks rather nicely... not only do you specify which notes play when, but you can also tell it when to switch the green led on and off, as well as the screen backlight. Oooh, disco music!! LOL

Any T68 owners out there, go get your phone software upgraded immediately!!! :-)

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