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Well, it's happened again.

An ex-colleague (and now ex-friend) is getting married, and we had a long conversation about it and the plans and such like. Caroline and I, and he and his fiance, had made plans to meet up more often. We'd really bonded when they came to our wedding, and it was just great.

Now, I've learned that his stag night is in 2 weeks time, it's in Amsterdam, and I'm not supposed to know about it.

I'm not too angry about it, I just feel betrayed.

But, I'm cutting my losses on this one... after all, he's arranged loads of past social events with other colleagues and I've not been invited to any of them... so there can't have been much of a friendship there in the first place.

I have a small number of true friends, and I thought he was one of them... that's what hurts the most.

However, I do know who my true friends are, and hopefully they do too. If they don't... well, they should.

That is all.
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