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The Love Bug

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Ok, let's sum up the week!! [Jul. 23rd, 2000|10:19 pm]
The Love Bug
Ok, let's not! It would take *far* too long for me to do that, so I won't! <s>

All I'll say is that it was an exceptionally taxing week for me, and there's a lot more of it to come this week! :-\

Anyway, the other thing I wanted to mention, was the carnage known as Jaffasex2000!!!! It was a fantastic, but very tiring day, and I will summarise it all at www.moobug.co.uk/jaffasex2000/. It's not there yet, but it will be soon!!

For the official Jaffasex website, go to www.jaffasex.org.uk

Laters :-)

[User Picture]From: hayley
2000-08-02 01:35 pm (UTC)


jaffasex was great *does a little jaffasex dance*
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