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Good afternoon everypeep.
I've been up for just over 2 hours now.

Our plumber arrived this morning to tighten a couple of nuts on our central heating boiler (we had a small leak).

I'm now waiting for my mum, stepdad, aunt (don't tell her I called her that, she'll kill me!!) and little sister to arrive. They're helping me sort out the junglegarden today, as Caroline isn't here this weekend. They should have been here at 13:00, but I'm guessing that their allowing for the fact that I didn't get home from work until 05:00 this morning! LOL

I've got naff all food in the house, so I can't offer them lunch, and we have no milk, so it's black tea and coffee only folks!

Damn, I'm organised!

Caroline (moosical, the wife) is up in Yorkshire this weekend, stay with her parents. She does this sometimes when I have to work at the weekends, and I know that she really missed her parents. Today, though, she's meeting up with ukcamgirl and patc (I don't know if there's anyone else going), and they're off to have a Chinese at a rather nice restaurant in Sheffield tonight. It's a shame that I can't be there to enjoy it too, but someone has to earn the money that she is undoubtedly spending at the moment!! :-D

As I kinda hinted in my post in the early hours of this morning, I'm setting up a PA rig tomorrow morning at Carnation Hall in Winkfield Row. One of the local churches there is having their Morning Worship in the field at the back of the Hall, and they've asked me if I would provide sound for the organ and choir. I quite enjoy doing PAs... they actually make use of my abilities (unlike another profession that I have!)

I suppose I'd better reacquaint myself with the actuall location of Carnation Hall... I've only ever been there twice, and I can't remember the flippin' way! Not a lot of use really! LOL

OK, I've just checked, and it is where I originally thought it was. *phew* :-)

Right, I suppose I'd better stop waffling here, and get on with mowing the lawn.
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