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Anticipation and Financial Ruin!


Well, Moo is coming down tomorrow, to spend yet another week here with me!! YAY :-)) She must be out of her mind to want to spend so much time with me! <vbg> Anyway, she'll arrive at my workplace tomorrow afternoon, and it's all fun from there :-)

Financial Ruin...

Well, it seems as though I'm due a rap on the knuckles - even though it wasn't my fault. Basically, I told our Head of Client Services today that we needed £6 grand to hit target. But owning to an anomaly in the reports system, it turned out to be actually £26 grand! I have to explain this to her tomorrow morning... serious groveling to do! <s> Well, at least I know it wasn't my fault, even though I have now identified the problem that caused the error in the first place. The only problem being, is that we've been using the same method of reporting for the last 8 months! Ack! :-\

Oh well, that's it for today... I'll post again tomorrow!

Byee! <>
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