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Dear Compaq... [Aug. 1st, 2002|11:20 pm]
The Love Bug
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EventID/RMA: 3425508

Please note that I wish to cancel this support incident.

When I phoned for support, after being sent round the houses 3 times only to end up at the same place, I was told that you couldn't give me prices for repair of what appears to be a very simple item (stylus retention clip).

I was also told that if I send my iPAQ off for repair that I would then be given a quote for the cost of the repair. I had already explained at this point that my device was out of its warranty period. I was then told that if I decided not to go ahead with the repair, then I was likely to be charged a fee... but they couldn't tell me what that was either. I'm sure there's a legal issue there, being forced to pay a charge whether I get the item repaired or not, but no-one able to tell me what the charge is!!

Anyhow, I have just read on your repair instructions that you will charge a minimum of USD90.00 for any repairs on a device out of warranty!! To replace a piece of plastic??

To be honest, I'd rather live with the broken clip... but I am not happy with the level of "support" given at all, and I will be taking this up with your Customer Service Division.

In the meantime, please cancel this support incident.

Thank you.