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The weekend...

Well, my weekend was fun (at least in terms of my overtime claim!)

We're having some major refurbishment done at work. We currently take up one building that contains two units (Units 7 & 8). We have been told that (due to management and administrational reasons) we have to vacate Unit 7 and move everyone into Unit 8. We are moving two departments to our Slough office as a result, and I (boohoo) lose my office.

Currently, my department takes up the entire ground floor of Unit 8... a Computer Suite, and an office area. Computer Operations reside within the Suite, and my office and Despatch are in the office area.

As part of the changeover, the Computer Suite is being halved in size, and our new office space will take up about 2/3rds of the remaining space taken up by the Computer Suite. Another department will take up the remaining space, along with Reception.

Now I've explained that... let me tell you how the weekend went! :-)

Friday 16 August
Today we had to move out out of the office area. So Despatch and I moved all of our stuff over to the area where Reception will ultimately be. This was so that the workpersons can come in over the weekend and take all the partition walls (and my office *sob*) down. I am just totally amazed at how much crap you can accumulate over an indeterminate period of time. I threw so much stuff away, it was unreal!!

Justin and I had already arranged to come in over the weekend to finish moving the office area, and also to move all the equipment in the Computer Suite in preparation for the compression.

Saturday 17 August
In work by 09:00, having dropped moosical off at Langley station so that she could catch her train to Cambridge. (She's the Matron of Honour at yumseta and nicolelynch's forthcoming wedding, so she was going for a dress fitting.)

Between 09:00 and 16:30 we worked solidly, shifting computers, monitors, desks, the new computer workstation (holds 4 pcs) and our CD and Diskette writers into the new half of the Computer Suite. Oh and throwing even more crap away! LOL

In the evening, I drove to Cambridge to meet up with moosical, yumseta and nicolelynch and we all went to Stevenage's Pizza Hut and ate ourselves stupid. Three of us had Quads, and Nic had a medium pizza. Then.... we all hit the Ice Cream Factory (some of us twice!!!)

We ate. By jingo, did we eat! LOL

After the pizza, we drove around Stevenage (with the additional weight of 4 pizzas, 8 glasses of Coke/Diet Coke and 6 Ice Creams draining my fuel tank somewhat). We saw Nic and Ian's old flat *hiss*, and I took everyone on the rollercoaster that is the Stevenage underpass... in hindsight (after 4 pizzas, 8 glasses, etc, etc) that was not the best idea I've ever had!!! LOL

Anyway, we left there shortly after 22:00, and were home about midnight (ish... I can't remember!)

We slept. By jingo, did we sleep! LOL

Sunday 18 August
Yesterday, I'd given moosical the option of whether she wanted to come into work with me today. She said she'd let me know in the morning!! *grin*

The mumble of "mmph mmph mmph" when I was getting ready this morning kinda told me that the answer was no... so I picked Justin up and we got into work shortly before 10:00. We had arranged a powerdown for today, and everything went smoothly.

We spent up until 14:00 moving some more kit and rubbish, until at about 14:05 I said to Justin, "You know what? I've absolutely Hank Marvin!!" - FOOOOD!!!

So I got moosical on ICQ and suggested that the three of us go to the Harvester in Langley. So we picked her up and went to eat. Caroline and I had the Pancake Wrappers, and Justin had something with large slabs of bacon in! :-)

When we got back to work, Justin and I had the most fantastic time kicking books and other rubbish into our cage, and then we threw everything into the skip out back. Well, actually most of the stuff missed the skip...

We laughed. By jingo, we laughed! LOL

We got a message from varno at about 15:30... (No, that's not true. I got the message at about 11:30... I replied to it at about 15:30!) ... asking us we we'd like to go and see the Austin Powers movie with him and elizabub. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we did, and it was great.

It was a shame that we didn't spend more time with them, but they do make a really good couple :-)
We're going to arrange to meet up again soon, perhaps for more than just a movie next time though.

Anyway, it's now Monday, and I'm back at work... totally shattered... one man down...

I think I might just slip into a corner and have a nice snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............
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