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Yesterday was the month end file load...........

........ but I wasn't involved in it! :-D

Although that is good news, and it means that I no longer have to sacrifice a whole weekend because of it, it does mean that I lose the overtime that I used to get. But I'm not too sad about that, 'cos it means that I can claim "normal" overtime now... you know, the stuff that you do during the month but couldn't claim for because you were already leeching the entire department's overtime budget because of the month end! LOL So the work I've done over the previous 2 weekends more than makes up for that!

Perhaps I should also point out that today, Saturday 31 August 2002, is my first day off since Sunday 11 August 2002. I make that a run of 19 days without a day off.

And what do I do? Get up at 8 o'clock in the flippin' morning!!!!

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