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Another day, another dorra. I only left here 12 hours ago! LOL I shall definately be claiming overtime for last night... I'm getting fed up with myself for working over my hours and not claiming for them.

The reason I worked late last night, is that our big printer was out of action for 4 hours, and I wanted to catch up on the printing work for the day. moosical was doing overtime herself yesterday, so it seemed a perfect opportunity to clear the print backlog. The only problem is that I kind broke the printer about 2 hours after the engineer left! LOL

Allow me to explain... we have a nice 105 page-per-minute printer, with a rather snazzy VGA-resolution LCD screen, 6 paper trays and two output trays. Because of the configuration of the printer, we can only use our 190gsm card in tray 5. (You can use tray 4 too, but it's not recommended). The job I had to print used just under 8 boxes of card (over 3,000 sheets), which works out to just under 30 minutes printing.

So I loaded tray 5 up with card, but I think I put about 10 sheets too much in there, because the tray wouldn't settle when I closed it. Grind, grind, click, thump, kinda thing. Anyway, a little red spanner appeared on the display on the icon for tray 5. Message: "Tray 5 is unavailable. Please select another tray"

I swore.

I tried to call the engineers to see if there was a way that I could reset the service symbol and attempt to carry on. "I'm sorry sir, our engineering team left about 5 minutes ago."

I swore.

So I emptied the tray, and was about to go and recompile our print system to use tray 4 instead of 5... not a nice job. As I closed tray 5 it went whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirr... *click*... as it is supposed to do. Hmmm... maybe it's ok after all? But the spanner is still on the display? Hmmm.

I reloaded the tray with the *correct* amount of card, and resubmitted the job to Tray 5, and it started working fine!!


That was a bit of excitement that I could have done without! LOL

The spanner symbol is still on Tray 5, but it works so I'm not going to worry about it until we need to call an engineer out again.

Anyway, back to the grind, I suppose.

I hope that everyone is having a good day so far, whenever and whereever you read this! :-)

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