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Consider the facts:

  • Watched Signs at the weekend, and it kinda made you understand the difference between co-incidence and "signs" - signs being indications or suggestions towards another purpose.
  • Had a dream last night where I was playing keyboards in my cousins old band.
  • I have previously been a worship leader in our church.
  • In the dream, the song I played was one of my favourites of all time: Hillsongs - Your Love
  • In the dream, the song I played wasn't expected by the rest of the band, and yet they all joined in and it came out totally perfect.
  • In the dream, someone (whom I could identify, but I don't think their identity was relevant at the time) was leaning on the keyboard, hindering me. I asked them to move, and they did.

Is there anyone else that can see a purpose or meaning behind this? I have my own interpretation of this sequence of events, but I don't know if that's just me thinking what I want to think or whether I'm being called towards something.
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