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The Love Bug

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Mobile phones... [Oct. 18th, 2002|07:30 pm]
The Love Bug
[Current Music |Candy Dulfer - Donja]

I never fail to be amazed, and yet infuriated, by the people who still believe that using a mobile phone whilst driving doesn't impair their ability to drive.

Here's a news flash... it does!!!... as I nearly found out as I picked up Caroline from the railway station when some woman looked as if she was going to turn right, and even started to turn... and then suddenly went into the space I was headed for. I gave her the dirtiest of looks, she just looked away and carried on having a laugh with the person on the other end of the phone.

Personal hands free kits are so flipping cheap nowadays, it's a constant wonder to me why people do not use them... especially company CEOs in their Jaguar S-Types and personalised number plates (as an example).

It's not big and it's not clever, and I have the right to be able to drive down the road and not be endangered by your pig-headed stupidity.


[User Picture]From: jena
2002-10-18 11:50 am (UTC)
Amen, my brother!
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[User Picture]From: tigersden
2002-10-18 12:35 pm (UTC)
Well done Dave :o) Someone has to rant about them.
Can I add: "Drivers who smoke whilst driving" to the list of STUPID things? One hand on the wheel, risk of hot ash dropping causing the driver to look down and could cause an accident....

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[User Picture]From: stephaniewalker
2002-10-18 12:54 pm (UTC)
Well said!

I used to send text messages while driving. Until, that really really big accident that closed the M4 or M5 for a day and they suspected the driver of sending a text message while driving.

Ever since then, I stop at service stations to use my phone.
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[User Picture]From: crazybee
2002-10-18 01:51 pm (UTC)

oh man have you been following me today at work?

I grassed up someone to the poilce who was driving while on the phone down oxford st.... heheheh

yep person was on mobile phone yapping away and nearly hit about 3 cars, 1 taxi and about 3 buses.

I beeped up a poilce bike and told him that something was wrong with this car as its almost hit a few cars and stuff. I knew SHE was on the mobile and he pulled her over. they where still there over 1 hr later when I was comming the other way, I think he was checking everything out on her and giving her a ticket for using the phone and driving down oxford street which is BUSES and TAXIS only LOL

Man that felt Goooooooooooooooooooood
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[User Picture]From: vetinari
2002-10-18 02:48 pm (UTC)


Please don't insult pigs like that. They not stupid enough to use mobile phones whilst driving!!!
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[User Picture]From: gloi
2002-10-19 04:32 am (UTC)
this is one of the petty crimes that some people claim the police should ignore so they can catch real criminals, like paedophiles and burglars. which is crap.

even if you do get stopped, what do you get - a caution or maybe a small fine and points on your license? how about the courts ban you from having a mobile phone for 3 months...

a punishment like that might just give those comminucation addicts pause for thought.
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[User Picture]From: stainsteelrat
2002-10-19 09:27 am (UTC)
I think the best example I saw was this dim bint using a phone while turning into a junction (and taking the junction so widely she would have hit anything coming the other way), and then as the car dissappeared round the bend you see a toddler standing up on the back seat looking out the back window. Need I say more?

But all this pales in comparison to girls that use mobile phones on a date :o) That is *really* annoying!
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[User Picture]From: lorelei
2002-10-26 08:59 pm (UTC)
Where I live in Perth, Western Australia, it's actually illegal to drive and talk on the phone at the same time. I think you get a $50 fine and a demerit point taken off or something. I'm not too sure on the specifics because I don't phone and drive so it's never been an issue for me.
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