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Dear Microsoft...

Dear Microsoft,

In the course our daily operations at XXXX I have been made aware of a legacy copy of 'MS QuickBasic 4' that is still in active use in our company.
I was unable to locate a licence for this software (The software was discontinued in 1995 so any licences are very likely to have been lost over the last 7 years)
I contacted our account reseller (XXXX) to ask that we be charged for a new copy to allow us to keep compliance but was told, not surprisingly, that licences for this software are no longer available and they are not sure which (if any) licence would cover us for this software. They were able to provide me with this email address and suggested that I contact you direct.
We have 2 users who still use this software to create in-house applications and up to 15 people who use those applications but do not use MS QuickBasic 4 directly.
Please could you tell me how I go about ensuring that we are licensed and compliant on this software?

Many Thanks


The reason you have to laugh, is that I am one of the two people still using the software!! :o)

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