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A letter on our doormat this morning, addressed to me from work. Having not been in work all week (I'm on Jury Service), I was surprised to get a letter from work, when they could just as easily have phoned or emailed.

The envelope was quite thick, and I thought, "P45 already??"

This is what it said...

Dear Dave,

Following my direct reports meeting with Anita & the management team, I am pleased to award you the enclosed vouchers as recognition for you.
Anita personally commented on you attitude & work and the decision was made by the team to recognise you as Top Performer in Client Solutions for January 2003.

Well done.
Enclosed was £20 of M&S vouchers!

Anita, who is head of our division, don't give praise lightly... which makes this recognition alone worth much, much more than the vouchers contained within!


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