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I love my bank....

When I transferred my account to them, they offered me an overdraft. I said no thanks. I didn't really want to get into debt again. Whilst transferring my account, they gave me a standard overdraft to cover DDs and SOs whilst waiting for my salary transfer request to go through. It's a part of the transfer process.

Thus, I had a temporary overdraft. Unfortunately, as it was there, I used it.
(Christmas, etc)

Now, my temporary overdraft is due to expire today, and I have a debit balance.


I applied for a loan to cover the difference. The system said no.
I applied for a new overdraft to take over from the temporary one. The system said no.
(Why did they say no? The past sucks, that's why.)

Then they remembered that I hadn't asked for an overdraft when I originally applied for the account, so they put in a slightly lower overdraft as if I'd requested it in my application.

The system said yes! :o)

My original idea was to phone them up each month to reduce the overdraft, ultimately to zero. They told me that I could only amend my overdraft once every six months!!

This, I think, is a good test of my new (but unhoned) money handling skills!! LOL

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