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Mobile phone repairs and spares...

Two days ago at 06:40, I dropped my phone.
On it's screen.
It cracked.

At 07:30 on the same day, I ordered a replacement screen and a fitting kit.
Yesterday, the fitting kit arrived.
Today, the screen arrived.

Fitted it myself, and now it works perfectly again!! Go me!! :o)

Let's go back a while...

At Christmas, I lost the joystick cover on my phone.
Orange said I'd need to get the phone replaced.
Vodafone said I'd need to send it back to Ericsson for repair, for £40!!!

It's just a bit of plastic!!!!!!

Now, yumseta helped me out with this kind of problem before, when my iPAQ stylus release broke. I've looked everywhere, and I cannot find a replacement for the joystick cover. It really worries me that I could find a replacement LCD screen for the phone within 5 minutes of looking, but not a small piece of plastic within 2 months!!!

So, if anyone can find me a joystick cover, or a complete joystick assembly for an Ericsson T68 mobile phone, I will be forever thankful!!

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