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I was debating whether to make this friends only or not, but I decided not to.

Went to church this morning, and Hazel (our minister) was there. We had a special communion service in memory of Peter Richardson, Jeff Tong and a young lad called Adam Scott, all members of our church who died in the last week.

I started to crack during the prayers and the communion, and I think it was noticed, because Roger and Gloria came and sat with me and Caroline and put their arms around us. I just lost it.

On Wednesday night, Hazel said that it could take a while for shock to give way and allow us to grieve properly. She was right. I feel much better having let my emotion out, having kept it back for over 4 days.

Whilst I didn't really want to cry in public, I'm glad I did it at St Andrews and not anywhere else.

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