June 1st, 2000

Hair Cut

Two days in a row, huh?

Well, this *is* the second day of my journal, and I've kept up the idea of writing in here at least once a day!!! (it won't last!!)

Well, it's been an... er.... "interesting" day at work. Month End and all that. Our invoicing system has a number of "features" that prevents it from reporting the correct information first time around!! hehehe...

At the time of writing this, I've just finished playing a 2 hour stint of Duke Nukem with Guy at work, and I'm now chatting on ICQ with my lupha, lil-miss-moo!! :-)

My flatmate isn't at home until late this evening, so I'm having to cook for myself... (or I might get my namesake to do it for me... think about it *really* carefully, and you'll understand!!)

So, I reckon this is quite enough for a single entry, but I might do another one when I eventually get home :-)

Take care, y'all!!