June 5th, 2000

Hair Cut

Hewwo folks!

Apologies for the absence of a posting in the last few days... Moo has detailed in her journal most of what has happened this weekend :-)

The only other difference is that after she left on the train back home, I stayed and had a couple of drinks with Steph and had a really good chat (we haven't spoken properly for many many months!)

Well, I'm at work at the moment, waiting to hear news of Moo's doctors appointment... I hope this time that the doctor realises that after 4 (or maybe even 5) sets of antibiotics not working, something must be wrong, you know????

Hey ho... back to the grind - cya :-))

Thought: Two words... second opinion!
Hair Cut

Update on Moo...

She's been to the doctors and has been told that the anitbiotics she's been taking may have made the infection worse!!

So, she's now been told to suck lozenges and gargle with antibacterial mouthwash! Yummy!