June 22nd, 2000

Hair Cut


Is it me, or is LiveJournal playing sillychuffs tonight?

I keep getting server errors.

Anyone else?

(this is my second attempt to post this message, the first attempt gave a server error! <g>
Hair Cut

Oh fedge!

Nearly 1am, and just over 3½ hours on a payable internet call!!!

I'm gonna cry.

No, better still, I'm going to bed!!! (Yeah, yeah, I know I said that earlier! <g>>)

I'm outta here!!!! <click!>
Hair Cut

Why don't I go to bed??

LiveJournal has a new bug :-))

If you look at my LiveJournal Friends, you'll notice Jun 21, then Jun 22, then Jun 21 again, and then Jun 22 again!! I think the "sort by date descending" bit ain't working!! :-)

I am *now* off to bed! Honest! :-P
Hair Cut

LiveJournal sortation issue...

I emailed Brad last night... here is what i wrote...

To: brad@livejournal.com
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 5:01 PM
Subject: LiveJournal sortation


Can you explain how the sortation on LiveJournal works please?

The reason I ask, is that if you visit http://thelovebug.livejournal.com/friends/ you will see that some of the posts go Jun 21, Jun 22, Jun 21, Jun 22, etc - which clearly is not in date order :-)


And his response was...

It's sorted by the time they submitted it to the server, but the date shown is from their local clock .... the thing you see is caused when people are in different time zones, or their computer clocks are simply wrong. I hope to fix this with the introduction of time-zone support, but that'll be a few weeks ... time zones (and accounting for daylight saving's time) is a bitch: each country (and sometimes even states) have their own rules about how it works ... very messed up.

- Brad
Hair Cut


So, it seems as though I've not made too many friends by what I wrote yesterday.
Instead, I seem to have sparked off a discussion about human rights.

I don't write to offend. But if I *do* offend, then I apologise.
Hair Cut

Dangerous Minds

I have just finished watching Dangerous Minds on video.

Tell you summat, it's a very powerful film. I certainly recommend it.
Even though they played Gangsta's Paradise three times through it! <g>
Hair Cut

Ooh, forgot to mention...

Moobug was given it's first webdesign job yesterday :-))
A haulage firm in Hounslow wants us to design their company website for them :-)
It'll take a couple of weeks to sort out the specifics, but it'll be fun ;-)

<whispers> Thing is, I gotta get Moobug's own website up first! Hehehe :-)
Hair Cut

What a day...

Just spent the evening at church discussing the upcoming Alpha course in September. We're trying to work together with as many other churches in the area as possible.

It'll be great if it works :-)

LiveJournal is really playing up at the moment... I'm not sure how many attempts it'll take to post this message, but I'll make sure it gets thru :-)

G'nite folks :-)