June 23rd, 2000

Hair Cut


Hewwo folks! :-)

Well, I'm at work, but I'd really prefer not to be... it's only 'cos all my other people are off today that I felt obliged to go in.

Never mind, I'm here now, and I'm not feeling *too* bad.

Anyway, laters! :-)
Hair Cut


Well, Brad finally managed to get this working again - I'm so pleased :-)

I'm just about to leave work to pick Moo up from Stevenage, so I will post another entry this evening :-)
Hair Cut

We're home :-)

We just got in... well about an hour ago, but have been speaking to my flatmate about life 'n' stuff.

Anyway, I'm not stopping long, 'cos Caroline wants to put an entry in before she goes to bed. She wanted to do hers first, but I said no! How cruel of me, huh? <g>

Anyhow, g'nite folks :-)