June 26th, 2000

Hair Cut

Good morning!

Greetings LBLJ readers! :-)

(that sounded really naff, didn't it!! <g>

Oh well, I'm at work - busy beavering away... (no comments please)

I'm not feeling so bad about work this morning, as I've just been told that one of the people I thought was going to be off today - isn't! So, I'm happy :-)

On the other hand, I've just been told that another of my people has gone AWOL - which is *not* good. Hey ho, the perils of management!!

Cya later :-)
Hair Cut

Oh well, end of day!

I'm gonna be going home soon :-)

Well, to be more accurate, I'm going to fix my grandma's doorbell first, then go home :-)

My flatmate is cooking dinner this evening, and his ladyfriend, Sarah, will be there too :-)

Anyway, enough of this - laters!!! :-)