June 29th, 2000

Hair Cut

Long time no natter!! :-)

Hi folks :-)

It's 18:12 and I'm still at work :-)
I actually finished a lot of the stuff I needed to do about half an hour ago, but then I opened a friends LiveJournal and spent about 15 minutes writing a comment in it!! LOL

You know the feeling you get, when you've said something to someone to make them feel better? I get such a rush out of making people feel better about themselves... I just hope I can still do it.

Anyway, what am I doing this evening?

Well, I'm going home in about 15 minutes, and I'm going to get a few loads of washing done. I've not done any washing since the weekend, and I'm slowly running out of clothes ;-) Although that problem should be alleviated(sp) by going to Matalan on Saturday to spend shedloads of money ;-) I need loads of clothes, especially now my company has reviewed its policy on dress code and I don't have to wear shirt and tie everyday :-))

I'm also going to spend some time clearing out my room - I might even move my poota stuff around too. I'm gonna be upgrading my PC at home soon - I can't believe I've been running a P200 with 48Mb of RAM for the last 5 years, and it still whips the hell out of my PIII/500 at work! LOL

So, I'm gonna get a new twin-processor motherboard, and one PIII/500 processor, and another 128Mb of RAM. Yes, I know it's daft to have room for two processors and only get one, but I can't afford them both now!

Anyhoo, I'm gonna head off home in a short while, so I'll post again later :-)