July 2nd, 2000

Hair Cut

Well, wot a weekend!

Well indeed! It has been a very eventful weekend, and I am totally knackered!!!

I warn you, this is a long posting... I suggest you get a cuppa or something to enjoy when you're reading it :-)

It started on Friday night when I went to pick up Caroline from Stevenage station (as I do every other weekend). Now my car doesn't have a temperature gauge like most cars, instead it has a warning light that tells me when the water temperature in the engine goes above a certain termperature. So, here I am, bombing it down Station Road in Langley, heading towards the M40, and suddenly this light comes on! I'm thinking it's got a tad warm when I was waiting for Jimmy to get out of work so I could give him a lift down the pub - but then I remembered that the car had been standing for about half ano hour after that (while I was in the pub myself, incidentally - and no I wasn't ratted!!) Anyway, when I gathered a bit of speed, the light went out - the engine obviously cooled by the air rushing into the engine compartment. I relaxed then :-) But then there was a small queue up to the Five Points roundabout, so the light came on again. "Uh oh" was the first thing I said - so I switched the engine off... and yes funnily enough the light went out!!! (No comments about that please... I know it was supposed to do that!!! <g>) Anyhow, to cut a long and very boring story short, I got up to Denham and the light was still on, so I thought, "I know! I'll put the heater on to take some of the heat away from the engine!" So I moved the control from cold to hot! WOOF!! A furnace blast of hot air from the vents!! The next thing I said is not repeatable here!! :-) The nearest garage was about ½mile away, so I got there as quickly and carefully as I could. When I got there I checked the water level - and it was fine! Odd... so I let the car rest for a while, added some more water to the radiator and then carried on. As I headed further towards Rickmansworth the light went on again. Now I was getting worried. The time was now about 18:30 and Caroline was going to be in Stevenage in 34 minutes! And I was about an hour away!!! :-( Anyway, I tried the heater trick again... this time I got a small plume of smoke followed by a furnace blast of hot air, so I pulled into a bus stop (illegal I know, but I had no choice) and called the RAC. They said about 60-75 minutes to attend. So I had to think about what to do about Caroline. I didn't really want her to wait at Stevenage in case the RAC said I need to be towed home. Look at your map... Stevenage is *not* on the way!!! <g> So I suggested to her that she come over by train... staying on the train she was already on and then taking the tube to Rickmansworth - which was only 5 minutes walk from where I was. It was pouring it down with rain, but that's sod's law for you! LOL Anyway, Caroline got there safely - the RAC got there safely. It turned out that my thermostat had seized meaning there was no water circulating in the engine to cool it down. So the RAC bloke removed it. No hassle - I've got a new one now, and I'll replace it when I get the car put in for a service later this week :-)

I'd like to say at this point, that the RAC bloke was brilliant - I really recommend them to anyone who hasn't already got a breakdown recovery service ;-)))

So, that was Friday night...... Hehehehe don't worry, the rest can be summed up much quicker ;-)

Went to my church's Summer Fete in the morning - I was doing a PA setup with a friend of mine, and Caroline was there looking gorgeous :-)

Went to my Dads for dinner in the evening - and fixed a problem on his computer that even Dell couldn't sort out! :-)))

Sunday morning, went to church as normal then went shopping for loads of clothes. Unfortunately, Matalan don't sell clothes for a fat bloke like me, so I made do with what I could get! Oh, and I also bought a new home telephone from Argos :-)

Took Caroline home in the evening and dropped her off at Stevenage (without the temperature warning light coming on this time!!! LOL) but before we'd set off, we had chosen a few tapes to listen to on the way up. One of them had no label, but I knew it had a jam session on it that I'd been involved in back in 1992!! Having listened to over an hour of it (which by the way is absolutely hilarious!!!) I have decided I'm going to rewrite the song that I started to write back in 1992 :-))

So there it is, and here I am ;-)

If you haven't fallen asleep by now, let me know and I'll add you to the Top Stamina Hall of Fame :-)

Catch ya soon folks :-)
Hair Cut

Oops :-(

It's been peeing it down with rain all day... and I now find out that behind my closed curtains.....

... was an open window :-(
Hair Cut

Spot The Problem!

1, I was going to rewrite the song I mentioned in my earlier posting.
2, Being a humble solo musician, I was going to do it using MIDI.
3, I can't find the MIDI software CD.


Answers on a postcard please, to...

Spot the Problem
PO Box Half a sixpence
Outer Hebrides