July 6th, 2000

Hair Cut

Happy Buggy

Well, following my long and serious post yesterday, I've felt much better :-) Perhaps because I had the chance to let everything out? *shrug*

This post is also to keep Steph happy, 'cos she says that none of her friends have been updating their journals! <g>

Anyway, I've been down the pub at lunchtime and had a Kroney... and now I feel goood :-)

No, I'm not ratted, so don't go running to my boss! :-)

I'll post again later - bye!! :-)
Hair Cut

Oooh oooh oooh!

I've just had a phone call from Chris T (my best man)... he's gonna give me his old keyboard!! :-))

So, I'm gonna plumb it into my PC MIDI-wise and have some fun! :-))

Sorry about that... but I think it was worth a mention! <g>