July 7th, 2000

Hair Cut

Oops, I just remembered something...

I need to call Fran from the BBC today to arrange Sunday.

She's coming over to my place on Sunday to film me and Caroline :-)

Great isn't it... Steph gets her for three weeks, and we get her for three hours!! <g>
But, like the Murphy's, I'm not bitter! ;o)
Hair Cut


Today has been just that... a total nightmare! I'm three members of staff down (out of 6 of us), two of which work in the same team. And of course something went wrong. It always does when you have half your staff out of the office. The two people in the same team are the ones who would normally have dealt with the issue which went wrong. So on top of my own work *and* theirs, I had to try and sort this out!


Ok, sorry about that... just needed to let off steam :-)

Anyway, I'm just getting ready to leave the office, as I'm meeting Moo at St Pancras at 19:44, so I need to catch the 18:04 from Langley :-) Sush from work is travelling in the same direction, so at least I'll have someone to talk to on the journey! <g>

Catch ya soon! :-)