July 13th, 2000

Hair Cut

Well, here I am...

... at work again, waiting for our hyperfast printer to spool another 1,500 pages (out of a total of 6,534). I tell you, this flipping printer spools slower than it prints!!! Chucks out about 60 pages a minute, but only receives about 50 pages a minute, so I have to wait after each 1,500 pages for it ro load another 1,500 before it can print them!! Duh.... <g>

Oh well, whilst it's doing that, I can chat to Moo on ICQ and listen to Morcheeba's album, "Who Can You Trust" - no, not the latest one. I want to get their latest one, but I wanted to hear what the first one was like! :-) I only know 2 tracks from the first album, Trigger Hippy and Tape Loop. For those of you saying, "Who the hell is Morcheeba?" Well, you remember the Various Artists version of "Perfect Day"? The singer of Morcheeba, Skye Edwards, did the line that went "... we go home." If you don't believe me, get hold of a copy of the single and look at the artist list! :-)

Aren't I full of useless information? <g>
(Now I know that's going to prompt a large number of comments!)

I was on the phone for an hour to the sysadmin of my hosting company today, trying to sort out mine and Moo's new domains. (and no, I'm not going to publish the names here yet! :-P) Anyway, he told me about something called GeekCode. This allows you to be identifed by and to identify other registered geeks!! <g> I'm going to formulate my own GeekCode and publish it here soon :-) If you want to find out what it's all about, go to www.geekcode.com

I am proud to be a geek, you know? Because it means I'm not a nerd! :-) Someone showed me where the definition was of "geek" and "nerd", but I can't remember where I saw it. Never mind.

I'm off to Conisbrough tomorrow!! YAYAY!! :-))))

Love to all... cya :-)
Hair Cut


The one main problem with working with printing... you always pick up a paper cut somewhere along the way.

Now I can cope with that under normal circumstances.

Except that this wasn't just a paper cut... this was a paper slice-a-piece-of-skin-off.