September 4th, 2000

Hair Cut

It's Monday!!!

And it's that usual Monday feeling!!

I left Moo this morning, fast asleep in bed, and she messaged me at 10:24 saying she'd only just got up! It's alright for some, innit!! C'oh! <g>

Hey ho - busy morning, so must get on!

Cya! :-)
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Hair Cut

My sister...

My wonderful sister, who is only 12 years old, has been suffering with an ingrowing toenail. Last Tuesday she had it surgically removed. Apparently, before the operation she was physically shaking with fear ;-\

Anyway, she's been called back into Wexham Park Hospital with a few complications.

So, thoughts and prayers would be really welcome.

Hair Cut

Sister Update...

All was ok - just a false alarm, but it was worth checking up on anyway, so that's a relief :-)

Anyway, we're off to watch True Lies, so cya :-)
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