September 14th, 2000

Hair Cut

Oh dear :-(

Well, it looks as though my trip up north is deffo cancelled now. Thanks to a major lack of petrol in the UK, I can barely afford to go to work... let alone travel 180 miles north to see my fiance!!

I've had a rather productive day at work today (although it's yesterday now! <g>) Worked until 22:30 tonight, working on an Access/VBA application I've been developing to streamline my department. It's looking *damn* good :-))

Oh well, I've spent 3 hours playing ISketch so it's about time I went to bed!!! :-))

Oh, and a little message to a very close friend... to repeat what I said earlier... "You deserve a decent crack at a bit of happiness, and I'll help you in any way I can *hug*"

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Hair Cut

Buggy's Final Thought...

Friends are a rare commodity, both to find and also to keep.

But a real friend is the kind that stands by you regardless of anything negative that may have happened between you in the past.

It's all too easy to simply blank a so-called friend because of something they did to you, or even something you did to them. But if after all that, you still have that friend standing by you, or even wanting you to stand by them, then that friend will want to stand alongside you for the rest of your life.

It is rare, but its value is totally beyond measure.

I may not have much money, but if you add the very small number of friends that I do have, then I am the richest man in the entire world. To those people, I give my love.
Hair Cut


I'm gonna put a new Live Journal photo up soon :-)
The current photo is a rehash of a large photo of a small me taken two years ago!