October 20th, 2000

Hair Cut

Well, damn it!! :-(

My plans have been foiled once again.

I am due to be going up to Moo's place this weekend. However, as someone who owed me money was unable to pay me, I am now without cash. Without cash, I am without petrol. Without petrol, I am without a car. I think you get the picture.

All I can say is this.... Long Live The Internet!!

Particularly in view of the fact that it is the only way me and Moo are going to be communicating this weekend.

I've just put the phone down to one of my stars at work... our security company, who provides after hours presence in our building, keeps letting us down... the security guard has just walked through the door - 35 minutes late. This is about the 10th incident of this type in the last 2 months, and I'm really getting p***ed off about it. Yet another thing for me to deal with when I go back in on Monday.

Message for Jimmy: Thanks for hanging on... you star!! :-)

I was expecting to have my website ready for it's upgrade last night, but that didn't happen either... had a few coding problems. But now that I have the time... *sigh*... I'll be doing it this weekend.

New features will include:
  • Guestbook
  • Context Sensitive Banner Links to other areas of interest, relating to the page you are viewing at the time.
  • More Friends
  • Better quality of content.

    The Guestbook, although working, is not quite finished - so expect loads of bugs! <s>

    The Banner Links (before you say anything) are not advertisements. They are *relevant* links to another site which will offer a resource relating to the page you are looking at. For example, in the Design section of the site, there will be a banner linking to HTML resources. And where there is no relevant banner, it will link to a non-related service. I've tried to make the banners as inoffensive as possible (bearing in mind that most people don't like them) - they are there to provide a service to the people to visit my site. There, enough said! :-)

    Is there anything else...?
    Oh yeah....

    Moo.... I'm sorry xx
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    Hair Cut

    Oh and I forgot to mention...

    For those of you who access my Journal from my own section of LiveJournal, you'll have noticed that I've changed the layout.

    It *is* one of the default layouts, 'cos it looks much better than the one I previously had.

    However, I have not deleted the original, so if people preferred the first one, I'll think about changing it back.

    But there again, it is *MY* journal, so I may not. So ner! :-PPP

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