October 24th, 2000

Hair Cut

What a day...

Well, today I had the immense pleasure of telling a potential supplier that we didn't actually require their services after all. It certainly wasn't an easy thing to do, bearing in mind the work they had done on our behalf to prepare themselves for being our supplier. Probably the most rotten thing about it, is that my boss was supposed to call him last week, and didn't. This being the reason I had to do it.

Also today, our Oracle server went doolally, causing all the client users to be kicked off the database. We had to reboot the server which didn't go down too well.

I ran the #UK_Plus Quiz tonight... and despite certain people saying is was too difficult... (glares at vj and Moo! <g>) it went quite well :-)

Tomorrow, I am going to Head Office in Reading to meet up with our favourite clients from Leicester. We're going on a tour of the department in Head Office which supplies us with the data we use. Dunno how long I'm going to be there for.

My website was updated at the weekend, by the way. So go to www.thelovebug.org and have a nose around!

G'nite peeps :-)
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