October 26th, 2000

Hair Cut

Still at work :-)

I don't mind though... 'cos I've just spent the last hour playing football in the computer room with 5 other people I work with :-)

In my condition (i.e. cuddly) I need to get as much exercise as I can - and this certainly helped! <g> I'm now sweating absolutely buckets! LOL I'm wearing one of those grey tshirts that shows up any kind of wetness as a much darker colour... and it shows! LOL

Anyway, I'm sure most of you *didn't* want to know that!

I'm currently importing a rather large file into Access, and will generate 3 analyses from it before I go home, so I'll prolly be here for another hour or so.

<busts out the Winamp sounds>

Anyhoo.... laters :-)
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Hair Cut


I would still appreciate any comments on why I'm having such a problem accessing Pop3Now from my corporate LAN?

I don't have problems with any other website, secure or otherwise.
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