November 5th, 2000

Hair Cut

Workaholic? Moi?

Well, it's now half past 10 on Sunday morning, and yes, I'm back at work.

Worked from 9:00 Friday morning until Saturday morning, and now again from 7:00 this morning until about 4:00 this afternoon.

And before some of you tell me to get my butt into gear and sort my department out <glares at Shaun>, this is something that happens every month - but it's the first time I've been involved in it.

I suppose that as the manager of the department that runs this job, I should get used to doing it! <g>

I left Moo at home in bed at about 06:20 this morning, but she's up and about now. When I get back, we're gonna go shopping for food and stuff, as there is absolutely naff-all in the house! :-)

Anyway, I am *supposed* to be working, so... laters! :-)