February 4th, 2001

Hair Cut

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How annoyed am I???

As some of you already know, I worked this weekend to update our file at work, meaning I worked from 9am Friday until 4am Saturday. As the final part of the process, I go into work at 7am Sunday (today) only to discover that the job we kicked off before we left on Saturday morning.... had failed. This particular job takes over 12 hours to run!!!

So, we've kicked it off again, but that means that Paul (colleague) and I have to go back into work at about 10pm to finish off the job.... which takes 4 hours plus!!!!!

So I'm going to travel with Moo to St Pancras when she goes home, and then go straight back into work after that.

A pretty crappy end to an otherwise damn spanking weekend!!
Many thanks to Moo, Steph, Steve, Ian and Nic for a wonderful evening yesterday! :-))

Thoughts and prayers go out to Cassie, who was taken into hospital early Saturday morning.

Last night was good though... read this for more info :-)

I'm off back to bed! Cya!! ;-)
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