May 11th, 2001

Hair Cut

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Isn't it weird when you hear a song during a film, and despite the type of film, it suddenly gets put into your all-time favourites??

I say "despite the type of film" as the film in question is The South Park Movie. The song, sung by Michael McDonald (one of my favourite singers), is called The Eyes Of A Child, and was written by Trey Parker specifically for that film.

I just think it's really quite weird that a song from that film would hit me that hard that quickly.

I posted on Wednesday night about a song by the October Project called Return To Me. This song hit me in a very similar way. The song came from Blown Away - again a very unlikely film, in my opinion, to carry so powerful a tune.

I have also noticed (and I'm not sure why) that songs sung by Irish females - The Corrs, Clannad, Sinead O'Connor, Marie Brennan (solo), October Project, The Cranberries - have such an inexplicable effect on me. Almost hypnotic.

Check out these songs, and see for yourself...

  • Cranberries - Linger
  • Cranberries - Dreams
  • The Corrs - Runaway
  • The Corrs - What Can I Do
  • Clannad - Theme from Harry's Game
  • October Project - Return To Me

... to name but a few.

Enough rambling for now :-)

Does anyone else have a type/genre of music that has the same effect on you? What about the "unlikely film" syndrome? <g>
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Hair Cut

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I always do this.

I get myself ready to go to bed at midnight. But then I remember I've got to do something, then I listen to some music, then I quickly surf the net, then I write a journal entry, etc, etc, and before you know it, it's 01:38!!


G'nite :-)
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