May 23rd, 2001

Hair Cut

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This is not my usual thing, as most people will agree to, but I did this test and these were the results.

Primary Intelligence: Mental
Coping Style: Reactive
Social Style: Compliant
Hierarchical Style: Harmony

  • Sixes seek harmony with the world by complying to group standards. As mental types, they are preoccupied with danger, as their minds think of one dangerous scenario after another. They seek safety through group membership, perhaps because there is safety in numbers. Being keenly aware of the possibility for danger, they can react quickly when something seems amiss. At their best, Sixes make very loyal friends.

Is this me?
Tell me.

Hair Cut

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Blimey, I post once and the fanfares start! (ukcamgirl) :-P

Anyhoo, I thought I'd better update this thing as I've been a bit lax again.

I'm still at work, killing a bit of time before I go to housegroup. I've commented on about 10 different journals, I've posted 3 times on two journals, and I've had a general nose about seeing what people are up to.

It's my turn on the #UK_Plus Trivia Quiz tonight, so that should be fun. We've had a few issues on IRC over the last week or so - servers going down, connections being lost, etc - but hopefully that won't happen tonight. (Who am I kidding, right?) I've already started to rewrite the trivia script to include better support for dropouts and recovery, although it won't be ready for a short time yet.

I'm really looking forward to the coming weekend. My little nephew, Alfie, is being Christened on Sunday, so that'll be a nice leisurely drive down to the south coast on Sunday afternoon. moosical will be happy about that - she goes dappy over babies at the best of times! LOL

Then it's Bank Holiday Monday, and although moosical will be going home on that day, we'll have most of the day to ourselves :-))

I need a haircut.

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Hair Cut

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Well the #UK_Plus Trivia Quiz went without a hitch - for some reason it doesn't break for me. *shrug* Maybe it's scared of me? I can understand that, you know. I'm a very scary person.

<awaits the inevitable slap from moosical>


Right, I'm now going to try and dig out some food, and then I'm going to bed :-)