May 25th, 2001

Hair Cut

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Well, it seems as though there is a challenge going on here!

cuteblonde's last journal post seems to indicate that there is now a battle to see who can get the first LJpost of the day! Unfortunately, if you read this (which refers to this), it is believed that a journal post don't count unless it is about yourself. So I'm sorry Cass, I'm afraid I win! :-)))))


Anyhoo, an update... I finished work at about 21:00 tonight, after having spent ages waiting for a job to finish at work. The meaning of my earlier post was hinged around the fact that I am yet another member of staff down tomorrow, and a handful of issues have arisen in that persons area, which I will have to deal with tomorrow.

At this present moment in time, I am doing my own job, the job of someone who left us 3 weeks ago, training up one (soon to be two) contractor in the job of the person who left, and covering any other absence in my department. As I said earlier, it sucks.

AND.... I'm running two interviews tomorrow, for the second contractor position... on top of everything else.

But, I have the bonus of moosical arriving tomorrow to spend the long weekend together. That's probably the only thing that I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow.

So it's not all bad, I suppose! <g>

That's it for now, but I'll leave you with this...

What is it that is in the human make-up, that causes a reaction whereby I can successfully sleep right through 4 extremely loud alarm clocks in the morning? The first of these alarms goes off at 06:00, the last at 07:00. And yet I always wake up at precisely 08:14!! Explain that!

G'nite :-)
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