May 26th, 2001

Hair Cut

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Today was, as I predicted, a total nightmare.

But I - not being one to dwell on things that have passed - am just damn glad that it's all over. It's the weekend now, with the added bonus of a bank holiday! :-)

An update on the interviews I mentioned in my last post, I have another new contractor starting on Monday 4 June, which will bring our department (after the training, of course) up to its full compliment of staff... if only temporarily.

The best thing that has happened today was at approximately 15:15 this afternoon, when moosical walked through the door of my office :-)) She's spending the whole long weekend down here.

We are just off to snuggle each other to sleep, so I shall delay no longer.
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Hair Cut


Yes, it's Saturday! That day when all the worries and concerns of work get put in a box by the side of my bed, for me to pick up on Tuesday morning. But until then, I intend to forget about work totally, and have a damn good weekend with moosical.

This isn't difficult, 'cos Moo can take my mind off anything :-)

We're going shopping in Slough today to get Alfie (my nephew) a Christening gift, but I don't know what we're doing in the evening. I might suggest to Moo that we go to a movie?

Oh well, suppose I'd better get shaved, showered and dressed!! <g>

Cya ;-)
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Just thought I'd upload a new LJpic :-)

This is not going to be my default one though, I'll keep the current orangey one for that.

This is the image I use on my website (@ plug plug!)

You gotta love it! :-)
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