May 31st, 2001

Hair Cut

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Email account is back up... (thanks Phil)... but it's empty.
I know I've received at least 20 emails in the last 24 hours.

I'm waiting for the final verdict to see if those emails are totally lost or not.

Wish me luck!
Hair Cut

(no subject)

Getting up this morning and discovering that I only had 2 emails in my account, kinda indicated that all email sent to me in the time I couldn't access my account was either lost, or bounced.
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Hair Cut

(no subject)

Got an appointment to get my hair cut at 15:15.
Then we're all off out to a works function this evening :-)

Lots of opportunity to get drunk... but not for me - 'cos I'm driving :-)

You may ask me, "Why are you driving?"

Simple... I don't want to get drunk!!

Makes sense to me!! :-)
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