September 14th, 2001

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This morning, on our way to work, moosical and I were listing to Heart.

I'm sure that most of you have heard of Jonathan (Jono) Coleman, crazy zany large Aussie bloke with a huge heart and great fun?

Well, he hosts the Morning Crew (the breakfast show) on Heart... but it wasn't him. He seems to have been replaced by a very somber and quiet version of himself. Erica North (his co-host) is the same... an exceptionally bubbly young lady, again very quite and somber.

Both moosical and I commented on this on the way in this morning...

The world has been hit a lot harder by this, than we believe.
Hair Cut

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What a beautiful moment.

Millions of people across Europe stopping what they were doing, and spent 3 minutes thinking about other people.

I know that people do that throughout the day...

But at that one time...
Thinking of that one thing...

What focus.

The silence spoke more, than any amount of words could.
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Hair Cut


It's been a tough afternoon, mortgage hunting and sorting out credit histories, etc.

We're off mortgage hunting tomorrow too - wish us luck :-)

Right, time to watch Coyote Ugly and settle in for the night! :-)