September 26th, 2001

Hair Cut

Let me out of this box!!!

I need a holiday... just a short break from work.
I think I might take a couple of days off next week, just to rest and do nothing.
I might even go and pick Caroline up from London on those two days.

These 06:00 (ish) starts in the morning are more than just a little bit tiring, especially when we're not going to bed until after midnight.

I think that the one thing that Caroline and I have been missing for a while is time just to ourselves.

Might have to start cutting down on some of our evening commitments too. We were out Monday night until 23:00, Tuesday night until 21:00, we'll be out tonight until 22:00. It's just too much at the moment.

I've also got a couple of web sites I need to get started on, and I've not had the chance to even look at them yet. I might do those on the days off next week.
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Hair Cut

Smaller things = More frustration

No dodgy comments please!!!!!!

Our proxy at work has this annoying habit of dropping all connections and random intervals. So there I am, chatting on IRC (which admittedly I shouldn\'t be) and all of a sudden, the connection drops!!

Hmmmm... maybe it\'s our network admins reminding me that I should be "working"?

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