October 22nd, 2001

Hair Cut

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Borrowed from ukcamgirl...
I'd like to add that these answers are not in response to answers I have already seen. I would have given these answers anyway.

Age: 29
Best Friend: Caroline, Steph, my Mum
Choice of Meat: Turkey or Chicken
Dream Date: Tia Leone or Ashley Judd (don't ask)
Exciting Adventure: Life! :-)
Favorite Food: Lasagne
Greatest Accomplishment: Caroline :-)
Happiest Day of your life: The day that Caroline consented to become my wife
Interests: Computers, Internet, Music
Kool-Aid: Diet Coke
Love: is...never needing to be asked
Most Valued: Caroline
Name: Dave
Outfit you love: Jeans, t-shirt and trainers
Pizza toppings: Meat Feast
Question Asked to you the most: Where the hell have you been?
Radio Station: Heart 106.2 or Jazz FM
Sport: Pool
Television Show: EastEnders
Ur favorite song: Anastacia - I'm Outta Love
Video: The Matrix
Winter: Romantic
Xylophone: Plink, plinkety plink
Year born: 1972
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
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